V15D: Purge Fluids (Causerie Sur Le Temps)

by Malheurr

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Current explorations in HNW - especially those explorations that investigate the very fringes - have served both to show the broad scope of the genre as well as to define its boundaries more clearly. While on the end of the spectrum there is a steady stream of ever harsher walls that leave no space to breathe, the other end of the spectrum has seen artists employing quiet and sparseness instead; especially in ambient noise wall and crackle studies, the individual bursts of sounds (pops, crackles) that make up the wall - and by extension, the spaces between them - have grown ever more important and distinct. The broad range of sound within the wall genre (from sparse crackles to harsh blasting) exemplifies - in a fascinating way all of its own - the interesting interplay of tone and tempo.

Purge Fluids is French duo Malheurr's modest contribution to this active musical (noisy) dialogue and juxtaposes HNW with black metal rife with blast beats. Dominic reflects on the recording:

"Luc [fellow band member] plays a lot of HNW before our recording sessions. This time he plays a really nasty, grimy tape. We sit with our beer nodding our heads to the wall and I give Luc a look. 'Putain, this is like a fucking blast beast!', I scream at him, and in that moment we know what we must do. We record two filthy blasting bm tracks and then we play them in our room while putting our hnw on top. The room fills with PURE FUCKING BLAST. We don't know if it's wall or drums but what we know is it's bliss."

C20 (eventually) coming.


released August 1, 2017



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